Privacy statement

A privacy statement is usually seen as a statement on the website of your company or organization, but it must also appear in other places such as the labor regulations, in the waiting room, the reception, the magazine, etc.

What does the privacy statement say?

The matters stated in a privacy statement are among others .;

  • Which data is processed together with the category of the people involved
  • From where the organization collects or receives the personal data
  • The purpose of processing this data
  • Who in the organization processes this data and who else gets it
  • How long they are kept
  • How the technical and organizational measures were taken to protect the personal data
  • How those involved can exercise their rights
  • Where you can submit complaints …

The privacy statement must be recorded in writing clearly and in simple language.

A privacy statement is the means to prove that your organization or company meets the obligations of the GDPR / AVG.

Smaller organizations or companies also process personal data. From the moment there are customers, mail addresses, telephone numbers and other data are exchanged. This is called personal data.


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