Gdpr for SMEs

Rules have been laid down for all SMEs on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of personal data.

With the rise of the internet for 20 years now, one can almost make a virtual copy of a natural person through the information that we can find online today.

It is not only the photos on social media channels, but also online payment data, featured hobbies, friends of people and much more.

As an SME cannot always have the time and knowledge of this new privacy legislation, we, as DPO or privacy experts, guide your company or organization as far as possible to 100% compliance.

What we do for you:

  • A first intake interview where we determine what your company or organization aims to achieve.
  • After making an inventory, we will start drawing up the processing register and determine what is applicable to your company in the GDPR legislation.
  • An IT audit in accordance with ISO27001 standards (security & data management).
  • Researching your website and providing advice on secure connections, correct privacy statement, disclaimer and a perfect Cookie policy according to “Privacy by Design”.
  • List processors and draw up processing agreements
  • Communication with processors, training and employee awareness
  • Follow-up of the file and give advice on actions still to be carried out for your company
  • We will remain the point of contact for you in the event of any questions about trends in this legislation, always by e-mail. We will answer you, the processors or the authority within 24 hours.


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